Is HYIP a Scam?

High-yield Investment Program (HYIP) promises its investors multiple folds profit in a short period of time. But the main task is differentiating genuine HYIPs with the scams. This method of online trading requires you to assure genuinity of the company before investment. In HYIP investment you can find two kinds of companies The company who is involved in trading by clear means of trading and other allied activities which brings profit to the investors The company who is illegal and the fraudsters collect money form innocent investors and look for an opportunity to run away with the investors money.

Before investing in any HYIP programs verify the company status to avoid loss of your hard earned money. Here we provide you few tips to check the genuinity.

HYIP Monitoring Sites: A visit to HYIP monitoring sites is a must to check the ranking of the website, whether it is good, bad or new. The ranking is based on people’s review and the performance of the company.

Simply visit the website of the HYIP monitoring site and type the investment program in which you intend to invest by means of online trading. Better to opt for HYIPs which has good ranking Age of the HYIP program: while checking the ranking of the website note when the page was last reviewed or updated. The ranking which is old does not have any value in the current scenario. Keep an eye on both the age of the company and the status of the company in the HYIP monitoring sites although the company is ranked under good category. Opt for the company which has good rating within a period of day.

The companies which are in the market since last year and there has been continuous growth should be considered for investment. A steady growth company is less likely to run away with your investment. It is always advisable to monitor the HYIPs regularly. Any negative feedback reduces their ranking on the website.

Reviews and Comments: These are the most important part which determines the ranking of HYIP in the market. The company states can be changed from good to new or probation if the comments are negative. Try to choose for a plan which has good comments and more votes, a few comments based on minor criticisms are healthy. Check for the balance between the positive and negative comments, if the comments are in equal proportion better not to opt for such HYIPs.

Investment: Invest minimum amount in the HYIP and check the growth. There is no point in making huge investment and then facing loses. Mostly fraudster lure with huge investment will bring huge profits. Better not to opt for companies which require huge investment and huge returns.

Not all HYIPs are scams as assumed by many. Evaluate the HYIP status by monitoring sites and invest. You will enjoy the benefits of HYIP only when you are associated with a genuine program!

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